Q: What is the difference between Coolect and Cinema 4D's ”Collect project with assets..." command?

Besides collecting the project, Coolect allows you to zip the project, creates a report of the collected items with the ability to add comments to the report, and lets you collect the current state of a scene and keep that scene open. By default, Cinema 4D will collect your project and open the collected project scene.

Q: Why does it take a long time to collect certain projects?

This is dependent on the size of the files in your project and your computer hardware. If you are using large texture files, such as exr or Quicktime movies, it will take a while for the project to collect.

Q: Does Coolect have any limitations?

Unfortunately yes. Coolect uses Cinema's built in "Collect Project and Assets..." commnad to do the collection of files. If the command chokes, so will Coolect. I really have never had any issues with Cinema 4D's collect command but keep in mind large projects with Gigabytes of textures may or may not present a problem.

Q: I have some suggestions or ideas for the plugin?

Fantastic! I would love to hear them or get any feedback you may have. These are learning projects for me so any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Q: I think I found a bug or I'm having issues using the plugin?

Send me an email describing the issues you are having along with the version of Cinema 4D you are using and the Operating system you are running.

Q: I have a question that is not included here...

Not a problem. Just send me an email at hi@990adjustments.com. I'll try my best to resolve any issues you may be having with Coolect.

Q: Do you prefer pancakes or waffles?

I love both equally.